The MANAGEXAM story began in 2014. Patrick Topsacalian, a finance professor and researcher for 30 years and author of numerous books, was trying to find a secure solution that would allow him to assess his students, who were based in Africa and China, from France.

The idea of an online platform combining pedagogical content and secure remote assessment tools therefore came about. MANAGEXAM was born, as was the passion to share this wonderful solution with as many people as possible.

Thanks to the “business” expertise of its founder and a brand new 2019 version, MANAGEXAM has now carried out more than 10,000 hours of remote monitoring and 120,000 exams worldwide in French and in English.

In 2020, MANAGEXAM signed a framework agreement with the FIED (‘Inter-University Federation of Distance Learning’) showing the growing interest in the teaching world for this highly innovative French platform.

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